The ABBI office will be closed Friday, May 26, and Monday, May 29, for Memorial Day. Have a nice holiday weekend! 
To order DNA kits or to renew your membership: Please fill out and send in a completed work order/breeder application. Forms are available at
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REMINDER: If you become a member or renew your membership you must abide by ALL ABBI rules and regulations. Please review event rules in the ABBI rulebook prior to renewing membership.
EID tags are in the process of being sent out. If you have not received your EID tags yet, please make sure we have your USDA Premise ID on file.
Please make sure your mailing address is up to date on your profile!

You can download the 2022 rulebook at
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Have you gotten your USDA Premise ID yet? All US ABBI members must have a USDA Premise ID on file with us in order to receive your EID tags. Please visit this link for a list of state USDA offices.

What does your animal's DNA status mean?

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