Breeder’s Certificate Program Rules & Regulations

The following Rules and Regulations must be followed in order to enroll in the ABBI Breeder’s Certificate Program. 

I. Sire Qualifications for Enrollment

    1. Eligibility for enrollment requires
                       Preference No. 1: No artificial insemination of semen and no natural stud service have occurred to outside- of-herd dams prior to the enrollment year.

Preference No. 2:If a bull is collected, all of the semen must be accounted for if semen was sold prior to bull being put in the Breeder Certificate program.  That semen must be grandfathered in and vouchers will need to be given.  It will be the sole responsibility of the bull owner to make sure all semen are clearly noted.

                           Previous owners of said bull must identify if they have collected the bull.

Natural stud service – for any age natural bred offspring: a sire that has only been natural bred should be allowed in the program as long as the previous owner(s) have been clearly identified and notified of the bull being placed into the certificate program. Previous owner is defined as those who have had the bull in their previous inventory. Any offspring may be grandfathered in as long as they are registered. Any offspring that has not been registered will have the opportunity to be registered prior to enrollment. If the offspring is not registered prior it is up to the owner of the offspring to contact the enrolled sire’s owner to obtain a voucher.


2.   Any outside-of-herd dams bred to an enrolled sire in previous 2 years prior to enrollment must be identified, in writing to ABBI.

3. All offspring will need to be identified in writing.  

4. Sires with cloned copies are not eligible for enrollment.

5. Cloned copies of original sires are not eligible for enrollment.

6. A current listing of all enrolled sires will be found on the ABBI web site.


      1. Transfer of ownership and/or registration of a non-enrolled sire require a statement acknowledging neither   the  artificial insemination of semen nor stud services have occurred, as outlined above, that would make a sire ineligible for the transferee to enroll the sire in the ABBI Breeder’s Certificate Program. 

2. During the transfer process of enrolled Sire ABBI must be notified, in writing, of any retained rights regarding this program before animal maybe transferred.

3. Any owner of an enrolled sire may, for a fee, have ABBI process the transfer, acting as an agent for the enrolled sire owner(s), and issue an ABBI Breeder’s Certificate Voucher.

4. ABBI will not participate and will not play any role in the   determination of the price of an ABBI Breeder’s Certificate.

5. A fee of $30.00, the signed transfer and  written agreement between all parties involved must be provided to ABBI before any Breeder Certificate Bull is transferred to new owner. 


6. Disputes over a bull entered into the Breeder Certificate program can be filed with ABBI Grievance committee for $500.00.



III.Enrollment Fees

A.Sire enrollmentoptions:

1. Lifetime Breeder’s Certificate - $1,250.00

IV.Requirements forthe Registration of Offspring

     1. An ABBI Breeder’sCertificate Voucher is required for all offspring resulting from artificial insemination or stud service of a non-owned enrolled sire.

2. An ABBI Breeder’s Certificate Voucher is not required if the breeder owns the sire and bred dam.

    3. An ABBI Breeder’s Certificate Voucher is not required for offspring from a non-enrolled sire.


    1. Only a member in good standing may submit an application for a Breeder’s Certificate which must be fully completed upon submission.

2. In the case of joint ownership only one Certificate will be issued to the designated co-owner.

3. Sire owner provides ABBI with a list of Dams including the  owner and total number of head serviced and duration of exposure to the sire.

4. Sire owner agrees to provide a Breeders Certificate to Dam owners for the number of offspring to be registered.

5.   In the event any misrepresentation is discovered, at any time, in the application for a Breeder’s Certificate, the Breeder’s Certificate shall be null and void, no refund of fees shall be made and the holder of the Breeder’s Certificate shall be subject to such further action as the Board of Directors shall impose.

6. All fees stated above are subject to change.

7. Any disputes arising under the ABBI Breeder’s Certificate Program shall be exclusively resolved by arbitration.

8. The owner of a sire no longer entitled to enrollment shall promptly surrender the Certificate to ABBI for cancellation.

       9. These Rules and Regulations are subject to change by the ABBI Board of Directors.