Breeder's Certificate Participants List

Program YearBullABBI #Owner
2008Callicoat Jack10026405Russ Renfroe
2008CHARLIE BULL WARE10023558Jan Chadwick
2008Cover Page10011627D&H Cattle Co.
2008Deja Blu 41/510027618Jeff Robinson
2008HOT SHOT10007520D&H Cattle Co.
2008I'm A Gangster10056459Mike and Cheri Cappello
2008ROOSTER'S PRIDE10035519HX2 Bucking Bulls
2008THE UNDERTAKER100220015 G Farms
2008TROUBADOUR10040918Cindy Rosser
2008VOODOO CHILD10034931Rhett Beutler
200910-5 Crosswired10030618D&H Cattle Co./Cliff Wiggins
200953 Surefire10022031D&H Cattle Co.
2009Bones10036480Thomas Teague
2009Buckeye10093036Box K Cattle, LLC
2009CODE BLUE10034926WW Bucking Bulls/Berger & Struve
2009CP'S Wardance10066224Ben Hailey
2009GREY DOG10029858D&H Cattle Co.
2009LEGACY10039844Bryan Smith
2009NEON GHOST10030160Bryan Smith
2009Ricky Bobby D1310051961D&H Cattle Co.
2009SHOWTIME10022997Jim Anderson/Kevin Wallace
2009Time Machine 11010079655Hyland Cattle Co.
2009WHAT I SAY10022290Cody Hebert
2010Speckled Ivory10071845Circle T Ranch & Rodeo, Inc
2011After Party10055195Chad Berger
2011Asteroid10090114Chad Berger
2011Bushwacker10058008J. Moreno Bucking Bulls
2011Chance T1810080583Teague Bucking Bulls, LLC
2013Breakdown10096277Vermejo River Ranch
2013Hell Pony10075810Lightning D Bucking Bulls
2013R287 Closing Time10114388Pedone Ranch
2014Come On Baby10142957Jimmy Roth
2014Honey Hush10134475Swinging C/Hodges
2014II Amigo10136755Stoltzfus Cattle Co.
2014Mick E Mouse10129088Henry Ranch
2014Playgun10142971McCoy Ranches
2014Stone Cold Crazy10140995Hodges Bucking Bulls
2014The Rocker10106569Wyatt Crowder Bucking Bulls
201532Y SweetPro's Bruiser10140947Rocking P Ranch
2015Backfire10073725Delta D Farms
2015Little Jacob10138041Bean Counter Buckin Bulls, LLC
2015Page U2810067996Mike Pickard
2015Time To Shine 75510159686Suzie Baker and Seven Sic Bull Co LLC/ Gene Baker
201644A Smooth Over10157170GT Bucking Bulls
2016Karaoke10127770Jerilyn Harmon's Elite Bulls
2016Whacked Out101618569A Ranch
2017173X Hard Twisted10124713Rocking P Ranch
2017Buffalo Scott10172246TBR Bucking Bulls
2017Page 48X10113663Nothin' But Try Ranch
2017Page 561C Hocus Pocus10190081D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
2017SB 704 Fontanet Street10170562Henderson Ranch
2018500 I'm Legit Too10182100Bloyd Land And Cattle Co. Inc.
2018Ridin Solo10202016MCCOY RANCH
2019323 Legit10228666Berger/Scott Cattle Co.
2019Show Wit It101927563 J Ranch
2020Mr. Dire10220057Cottonwood Bucking Bulls
2021Black Cherry10221770ProVantage Animal Health
2021Woopaa10196010Barker Bulls
20228194 Blue Duck10226866McCoy Ranch
2022El Cid10228264Jim and Shannon Barr
2022R83 War Department10228662Rockin T Ranch & Rodeo Genetics
2024626 Montana Jacket10274002Ogden Ranch
2024A 54 Red Demon10223075R&D Bucking Bulls
2024American You10231543Brushy Creek Land and Cattle Co.