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American Heritage Futurity

Q) Why is the animal nominating, also referred to as naming, process required?

A) The purpose of the nominating process is to allow the breeder to choose the animal(s) they feel have the best bucking potential. Once the breeder has nominated the animal and has paid for a position (spot) in the AHF, that specific animal is then eligible to participate. Once the bull has been nominated, that spot is reserved for that bull only. If the position is sold, only the nominated bull is eligible to participate under that spot. There are no bull substitutions. The purchaser of the bull and position is then responsible for maintaining the payments according to the schedule if they wish to maintain the bull’s eligibility. If the animal and spot are sold, the animal must be transferred into the buyers name and a signed letter from the seller must be sent to the office notifying ABBI of the transfer of the animal and sale of spot.

 Q) When it is time to nominate (a.k.a. name) a bull or bulls for the American Heritage Futurities (AHF), what do I need to do?

A)  The purpose of nominating a bull is to choose the animal(s) you are planning to compete with at the 2025 AHF. The animal MUST have an ABBI Registration number and DNA testing completed by March 30, 2024 for the May 2025 AHF. Each bull is automatically entered in American Heritage but does have to be nominated by March 30.  The payment needs to be made each due date. Entries are done on www.abbireg.com.  If a payment is missed there is a penalty to catch up.  At any time a payment is not made that means the bull is out for competition.  The only payment that is refunded is last payment if it is a vet out.

·         Name – either name the animal or use your herd ID.

·         Number – hip brand or herd number

·         ABBI # - Registration number
           American Heritage Schedule

            3/22- 3/30/24 Nominations $200

            6/10-6/27/24 sustaining $200

            9/9-9/16/24 sustaining $200

            12/9-12/16/24 Nominations $200

             3/8-3/15/25 Nominations $200

             4/8-4/15/25 Final payment $525



 Q) What information is required to enter a bull into an event?

A) To enter an event, the entry form has to be complete with ALL the information required. In addition to the entry form, mouthing charts must be in the office; if they are not already on file, you need to mail or fax them in. A copy of the chart and the registration certificate sent in with the entry will expedite the process. A form of payment (a check, credit card, money order, or cashiers check) is required at time of entry. You are welcome to enter an event online, via fax or by mail.

Entry Requirements:

1.      Completed Entry Form

2.      Copy of Bull’s Registration Certificate

3.      Age Verification/Mouthing Chart

4.      Entry Fee Payment

Q) What items are required for Check-in at an event?

A) Requirements for Check-in

1.      Health Papers

2.      Proof of a negative Tuberculosis (TB) and negative Brucellosis (Bang’s)

3.      An Electronic Identification (EID) Tag is in the bull’s ear. If the tag has fallen out you are required to bring the bull’s EID/Mouthing information.

4.      If you are going to enter an event and have questions, please contact the office.

EID Tags & Veterinarian

Q) What is the process required to become an ABBI approved veterinarian?

A) The veterinarian must contact the ABBI office and we will provide them with the information that they need to be ABBI approved Veterinarian.

 Q) Where do I obtain an EID tag?

A) EID tags may be obtained from ABBI at the time of animal registration, as long as the animals are being registered in their birth year. After we receive an order for EID tags, the animals' brand numbers will be imprinted on the tags, after which we will ship the tags right to the breeders. If the tags are not ordered at the time of birth year registration, or if the animals are not registered in their birth year, then the animals must be taken to the vet between the ages of 18 - 34 months according to their registered date of birth for age verification. The vet will order the tags from us, and we will ship the tags to the vet for application.  EID tags cost $15 plus shipping & handling.